World Energy Trilemma Index 2019

Sept. 25, 2019

The World Energy Council’s definition of energy sustainability is based on three core dimensions: Energy Security, Energy Equity, and Environmental Sustainability of Energy Systems. Balancing these three goals constitutes a ‘Trilemma’ and balanced systems enable prosperity and competitiveness of individual countries. 
The 2019 World Energy Trilemma Index Report, developed in partnership with Oliver Wy...

World Energy Scenarios 2019: Exploring Innovation Pathways to 2040

Sept. 23, 2019


The world of energy is being reshaped by a set of fundamental drivers, which we term the “Grand Transition”. These drivers provide the broader context for determining global energy pathways to 2040.

Since the World Energy Council last published its World Energy Scenarios in 2016, we have experienced three years of comparatively high, carbon-centric energy demand and a...

Innovation Insights Brief: Energy Infrastructure - Affordability Enabler or Decarbonisation Constraint?

July 10, 2019

The World Energy Council has developed a set of principles for designing an Infrastructure Action Plan to ensure that decommissioning, stranded assets and/or repurposing does not become a barrier to affordable decarbonisation. These principles are based on deep-dive interviews with energy leaders from around the world, supplemented with research.

Most existing energy infrastructure assets are designed and built to last for decades. Th...

Innovation Insights Brief: New Hydrogen Economy - Hype or Hope?

June 10, 2019

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies have experienced cycles of high expectations followed by impractical realities. This time around, however, falling renewable energy and fuel cell prices, stringent climate change requirements and the discrete involvement of China are step changes. The combination of these factors is leading to realistic potential for hydrogen’s role in the Grand Transition.

Having conducted exploratory interviews wi...