World Energy Council analysed the future of the European energy sector in Tallinn

March 1, 2019

World Energy Council held a workshop in Tallinn to compose a European Energy Scenarios 2040 report. In 2016, the World Energy Council published three exploratory scenarios called - Modern Jazz, Unfinished Symphony and Hard Rock - with a long-term horizon of 2060, aimed at informing discussion on the transition to low carbon economy.

The Council has launched a regional scenario development initiative focused on building regional scenarios with a timeframe of 2040 and with the aim to explore the potential role of disruptive innovation in accelerating successful energy transition.

Two regional scenarios workshops were conducted in 2018 (Paris in September, Berlin in December), resulted in a draft of European regional narratives. For the third workshop, Tallinn was chosen for the location because of the innovative and digital environment of the energy sector. Estonia carries a leading role in the innovative energy market and innovation is vital when analyzing the development of the sector until 2040.

The workshop brought together 23 energy experts from 13 countries. 

The European Energy Scenarios report will be presented in September 2019 at the World Energy Congress held in Abu Dhabi. Thereafter the report will be freely available on the World Energy Council website.