World Energy Issues Monitor 2020: Decoding New Signals of Change

Feb. 28, 2020

World Energy Issues Monitor 2020: Decoding New Signals of Change

The annual World Energy Issues Monitor provides unique insight into what energy policymakers, CEOs and leading experts identify as Critical Uncertainties and Action Priorities. New this year, the Issues Monitor also provides readers with the views of the individual customer, detailing their perceptions of their role in the overall energy system. The Issues Monitor report...

Innovation Insights Brief - Five Steps to Energy Storage

Jan. 28, 2020


As the global electricity systems are shaped by decentralisation, digitalisation and decarbonisation, the World Energy Council’s Innovation Insights Briefs explore the new frontiers in energy transitions and the challenges of keeping pace with fast moving developments. We use leadership interviews to map the state of play and case studies across the whole energy landscape and bu...

The World's Energy Agenda & Its Evolution

Oct. 22, 2019

In an era where the energy landscape is in constant transition, energy leaders must pay attention to many different signals of change and distinguish key issues from the noise. The Issues Monitor identifies shifting patterns of connected issues which are shaping energy transitions.
This report takes a focused look at the issues facing the energy transition in Europe, using data collected by...

World Energy Scenarios 2019: The Future of Nuclear - Diverse Harmonies in the Energy Transition

Sept. 25, 2019

There is increasing and widespread recognition that nuclear energy will feature in the future global energy mix and make its contribution to sustainable development. The growth of nuclear energy and its role in the global energy transition will be influenced by a number of factors.
The pace and direction of the global energy transition is part of a much wider set of global developments. The Grand Transition is under way and implies a ...